The Audition Process

Auditions take place in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Miami. Each audition takes place over the course of one day and consists of five parts—you must be called back to advance from one part to the next:

  • Ballet class (75 minutes)

  • Modern class (45 minutes)

  • Solo (2 minutes, prepared in advance by dancer, may be own choreography or repertory)

  • Coaching (45 minutes, modern repertory)

  • Interview (20 minutes, one-on-one with faculty)

Dance Audition Experience Video
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Steps 1 and 2: Ballet and Modern

The first two steps in a Juilliard Dance audition are first a ballet technique class and, if you are called back, a modern technique class. 

Step 3: Solo

If a dancer is called back after the ballet and modern technique classes, the next step is the solo performance. 

Juilliard Dance Solo Performance Audition video
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Steps 4 and 5: Coaching and Interview

The last two steps in the audition process are coaching from faculty and the interview. 

Coaching: Dancers who are called back will be taught and coached on a brief modern repertory sequence. The faculty is interested in how quickly the dancer picks up choreography, how he or she responds to and incorporates corrections, and how he or she functions as a member of an ensemble in a rehearsal-like setting.

Interview: Based on the faculty’s evaluation of the callback sessions, a select group of applicants may be asked to stay for an interview. Its purpose is to gain insight into the student’s interests outside of the dance studio, his or her personal and professional goals, and to help assess whether the student is intellectually and emotionally ready to enter a rigorous conservatory environment. Students not invited to the interview may reasonably conclude that they are no longer under serious consideration for admission.

Audition Space Video Tour

Juilliard dance student Riley gives a guided tour of the audition spaces at Juilliard. 

Juilliard Dance Audition Spaces Video Tour
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