The Audition Process


Initial Audition Requirements

  • A live audition in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco

  • Four memorized monologues (two classical and two contemporary), each approximately two minutes in length

    • One classical monologue should be from Shakespeare and ideally be in verse.

    • During auditions, applicants will share one classical and one contemporary monologue; the remaining two monologues are in reserve in the event that the faculty wish to see additional work.

  • Sixteen bars of any song to be sung a cappella. This is not a singing audition and not all applicants will be asked to sing; a trained singing voice is not required for admission. If requested, the song is an opportunity for faculty to learn about the applicant’s vocal instrument.

Callbacks and Finals

  • All first-round callbacks take place on the same day as th scheduled audition.

  • Approximately 40–50 finalists will be invited to take part in a three-day allback weekend held at Juilliard on March 10–12, 2017



Application requirements

  • One full-length play or a long one-act play (an hour or more)

  • One-page statement describing artistic vision and personal background

  • Professional résumé

Preparing the Monologue

Curious about how to select the monologue? Watch this video for advice from drama students and administrative staff. 

Juilliard Drama monologue preparation video
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Audition Space Video Tour

MFA student Philip leads a tour through the audition spaces for drama. 

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Brittany Bradford video on callback weekend
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Juilliard Journal: Remembering Callback Weekend

This time last year, I participated in the Juilliard Drama Division’s callback weekend. Initially, when I received the three-day schedule, I was very anxious. I’d never experienced a “class-centric” audition process, and I wondered how I would keep my energy going for 72 hours.

James Houghton, the Richard Rodgers Director of the Drama Division, welcomed us and our family members on Friday. He told us to be relaxed, to enjoy ourselves, and, at the end of his talk, reminded us that this was the most important weekend of our lives. Everyone laughed, and perhaps the mood was set right then.

Afterward, having presented our monologues and songs, we embarked on three consecutive “days in the life of a Juilliard student.” Faculty members taught us many different classes including Voice, Movement, Improvisation, Masks, Singing, and Ballroom Dancing. We were also fortunate enough to watch students perform in readings of the current playwrights’ work and attend a play at the Signature Theater. A smaller detail I truly appreciated was sharing meals with faculty and students and having the opportunity to ask them anything at all...

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