"Juilliard is a place for singers to develop their full potential as artists. From the time singers arrive in their first year of undergraduate study they are invited to coach with members of our unmatched coaching staff and faculty who work regularly at the Met and other leading companies throughout the world. The small size of our program enables us to offer an individual course of study to each student. While students in each program share a core curriculum, their studies are tailored to their individual educational priorities, allowing each student to progress at his or her own pace."
Brian Zeger Artistic Director, Marcus Institute for Vocal Arts

Coaching at the Undergraduate Level

Undergraduate Vocal Arts students have unparalleled access to the Marcus Institute’s world class coaching faculty.  In the very first weeks of their Juilliard experience, first-year Vocal Arts undergraduates will experience the Coaching 101 series, which is designed to illuminate the expectations and goals of coachings through observations of upperclassmen working with our faculty.

After the successful completion of Coaching 101, Vocal Arts students have the opportunity each week to request to work one-on-one with almost any member of the coaching faculty.  Students may also be assigned to work with coaches for specific projects such as Songbooks, Liederabends, operas, scenes programs, etc.  From Italian to Russian diction, from the styles of Monteverdi to Britten, from acting to movement, the Marcus Institute’s coaching faculty comprises of a spectrum of specialists who are equipped to address almost any academic or artistic pursuit. 

Coachings with Vocal Arts faculty are provided at no additional cost to the student.

Coaching at the Graduate Level

The graduate studies programs offer advanced musical and dramatic training to help students develop as artists and prepare for the professional world.  Graduate students regularly work with Master of Music and Graduate Diploma Music Advisor Reed Woodhouse and Dramatic Advisor David Paul through group Opera Studies classes, as well as in one-on-one coachings.

Graduate students may also request additional coachings with members of the Vocal Arts coaching faculty to enhance their Juilliard coursework, help prepare for Juilliard performances like scenes programs, opera roles, song recitals, and help prepare for any outside ventures or general interests the particular student may have.  Graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the Marcus Institute’s robust and diverse coaching offerings in order to help achieve their individual artistic, professional, and academic goals.